@Breedlove22 The Number Zero And Bitcoin.

By Daniel Prince

BTC$ 6189 Today's guest is Robert Breedlove, CEO of Parallax Digital @breedlove22. Robert lit up Twitter and Medium this week with an incredible piece of writing titled The Number Zero And Bitcoin. The article goes to great lengths and depths to explain when, why and how the number zero was first discovered. @breedlove22 then walks us through the impact that this missing part of our numeral system had on humanity, how it shaped modernity and our understanding of literally everything. The analogies to #Bitcoin are more than tangible and this interview will, without doubt, have you questioning some fixed mindsets, core beliefs, and will force you into pondering about humanities past and your families future. Finally, find out why Robert calls out @jordanbpeterson @joerogan. A huge thank you to @breedlove22 for taking the time to write this incredible piece and for coming on the show to share it with us all. As always, thanks, @AdamWoodhams1 for the audio and music production! Full list of Shills and Mench's: https://www.parallaxdigital.io/ @nntaleb @tferriss @jordanbpeterson @joerogan

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