2: Jesse & Kathleen LeBlanc

By Laura-Anne Smid

Jesse & Kathleen LeBlanc helped shape my view of relationships because I had a front row seat to their whole story. I knew Jesse before either of us knew Kathleen and I lived with Kathleen for a few years, so I figured they were a great first couple to have on the show. They’re also incredible worship leaders and have a band called A Guy and A Girl - check them out on instagram here. We talked about the early days when they met just as musician friends, how they ended up together, and the way their conversation and vulnerability with each other has grown over the years. We reminisced about the joy and sadness that came from losing their first baby to miscarriage and how that pregnancy, and ultimate loss, shaped a major decision in their lives. Kathleen and Jesse are a gift to me as friends and I’m so glad I get to share them with you. Resource mentioned: Navigator's Council Weekly Question Prompts Want to support this mission? Check out the Becoming Gold shop: http://laura-anne.ca/shop Learn more about me here: http://laura-anne.ca/

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