Find Magic in Your Career - with Cynthia Desser

The She Built It Podcast

Aug 2019

38 min 23 sec

How do you stay innovative? “You have to keep looking for the magic,” says Cynthia Desser - Founder / CEO / Creative Director of the globally-inspired, sustainable, chic jewelry and accessory line “Cynthia Desser Accessories.” From the haute couture runways in Paris to upscale retailers around the globe, her designs are found in top fashion magazines, runways, and celebrity styling. Learn how she felt a “push” to enter the world of fashion and jewelry design, then became a self-taught entrepreneur. Cynthia’s creative, inspirational journey includes adventures, international moves, and -- as we like to say -- leaps. Learn what’s possible in your own life and career when you find “your” magic. 

Podcast Episode