We're All A Little "Crazy" : On Mental Health

Trending Diary

Dec 2020

49 min 46 sec

In the new episode of Trending Diary, listen to the Eric Kussin Founder of We're All A Little "Crazy" Who now is determined to spread his message: that EVERYONE in the world is affected by life’s inevitable traumas and stresses. We can’t escape them, as they are part of the human experience and they impact us on many levels. Mental health exists, with some simply experiencing more severe declines than others over varying periods of time in their lives. Because of the experience, eric believes one should all be open and accepting of those who need help, because we’re one community in this “crazy” world, all fighting our own unique, but down to the deep similar, battles. In the Conversation with host Priya, Mr. Eric Shared some Wonderful Stories which had a lasting impact on him and also give insights on medications that can useful for Self Healing. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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