Are You Practicing Being Unapologetically Yourself?

Outlier to Trailblazer with Niiamah Ashong

Feb 2020

50 min 24 sec

Are You Practicing Being Unapologetically Yourself? Or are you expecting to have a major change happen overnight? Today we're joined by Outlier Laurens who shares how practicing being more of who he is has allowed him to show up more powerfully in his work engagement with the clients that he serves and for himself. As Your Journey Continues: What is one uncomfortable behavior, mindset, thought or action that you can practice this week to be more you than you’ve ever been in your life? 🔥🧭👣RSVP to Blaze Your Own Trail Now at the next Outlier to Trailblazer Community experience: Ready to play at your next level? Here are 3 ways we can help you increase your income, influence, and impact:

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