003 // How to Make the Most of Your MBA Orientation // Hiroki Mochizuki - Texas McCombs 2021

MBAsians: The Asian MBA Podcast

Aug 2020

1 hr 5 min

Meet Episode 003 Guest Hiroki Mochizuki!Born and raised in Japan, Hiroki is a second-year MBA student at Texas McCombs. Since he loved to launch something new, he established several businesses with his friends during college and finally decided to work at a telecom company in Japan. His responsibility was creating new services such as IoT service and accelerating affiliation with start-ups through acquiring small technology companies. However, these processes required him to have basic knowledge of finance and global experience, so he jumped on his MBA journey at McCombs, famous for its innovative and start-up friendly culture.

In this episode we talk about: Getting to know about fun American toilet design and why it looks like the way it does. What activities are US MBA programs doing during the orientation period? Challenging issues during the orientation period How to do ice-breaking and get close with new friends? Advice for future MBA students

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