Issue 12

By Minute Magazine

0:00 "Scorpion" by Charles K. Carter 0:49 "Handwriting" by Cheryl Caesar 2:52 "Untitled" by Christine Case 3:15 "Wheat" by Christine Case 4:02 "Deliquescence" by John C. Mannone 6:45 "Interviewing a Rock Band at the Verge" by Matt Dube 8:23 "Vas ist das?" by Matt Dube 10:26 "sugar water" by Matthew Daley 11:06 "Sacrificial" by Michaela Mayer 11:35 "One Morning" by Richard LeDue 12:19 "Royal King" by Sharon Lin 12:58 "life as the bittersweet of coffee" by Taofeek Ayeyemi

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