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Learning to Reframe Your Perspective

By Kelly Dunlap

We all have our view of how the world works, but what if I were to tell you that your view is not someone else’s view?  We do not view one situation in the same way another person would view the exact same situation.   In this episode of Master Your Mindset and Metabolism, I want to share a bit about what I have learned going through my NLP practitioner certification.  One thing that is discussed when going through this certification is using reframing or changing your perspective to change your thoughts, and I thought this was just so powerful.   Many times if we can reframe our thoughts in a more positive perspective, it has the power of changing our thoughts around a certain situation and can even change how we feel about that situation.  When we can do this, we are able to create a better state for ourselves, and overall have a happier life.   If you enjoyed this episode with me, screenshot the episode and tag me on your stories with your biggest takeaway - @kellyadunlap   Join Kelly’s free Facebook Community: Master Your Mindset & Metabolism with Kelly Dunlap   Connect with Kelly: Facebook Instagram

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