Who Run The World? Fay Maschler

By Honey & Co

This is the seventh episode of our Who Run The World? season celebrating women in food. Today's guest is Fay Maschler, restaurant critic at London’s Evening Standard newspaper. Fay won a contest for the position of Evening Standard restaurant critic in 1972. This was supposed to last for three months but she has recently celebrated 47 years in the role! Fay’s reviews are legendary and she has been known to put many a chef in their place. We talked about her experiences starting out in the hey day of journalism, the reality of eating out four times a week, when not to write a bad review, and how to deal with death threats when you do! It was such an honour to have Fay with us for this conversation.  It was fascinating to hear about the changes she has seen over the years on the London restaurant scene, how the rise of social media has changed things, the food writers she admires the most, and what we all really, really want to know... where we should be eating right now in London.  Hope you enjoy! This interview is part of our series Who Run The World? Women in Food. Our final episode will air on 8th March International Women’s Day. Got something to say? Share your thoughts, feelings and questions with us! Email us at podcasts@honeyandco.co.uk Follow us on Twitter: @honeyandco  Instagram: @honeyandco  Follow Fay on Twitter: @Fay_Maschler And read her in Evening Standard Find out more about the series here – www.honeyandco.co.uk/TheFoodTalks  #HoneyAndCo #TheFoodTalks #WomenInFood #WhoRunTheWorld   Producer: Miranda Hinkley Manager: Louisa Cornford Vocals: Kristine Kruz 

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