S4 Ep03 Helping People Chase Their Possible

By James Gardner

Delilah Bardlette, who is a successful manager at United Airlines, is also the founder of “The Leader Appears”, which provides executive coaching for life, career or ministry.  Additionally, Delilah has created and produces a vlog and daily devotional called “Delilah’s Downloads” that offers encouragement and inspiration. As a child growing up in Chicago in the 1970’s and 80’s, Delilah thrived academically in a community where she felt safe under the watchful eyes of friends and neighbors. However, as a teenager, Delilah dropped out of high school and  became a single mom at the age of nineteen, requiring her to go on welfare.   In this episode, Delilah will share how her determination and faith and support from others, helped her to excel in her career and experience healing in her relationships. She will also tell how she now uses the lessons she’s learned to help others to avoid pitfalls, realize their potential and “chase their possible”. Photo(s): Courtesy of Delilah Bardlette Music: "With Loved Ones" Jay Man

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