[Bonus Episode] The Gut-Hormone Connection with Dr. Michael Ruscio

Ask The Health Expert

Sep 4

38 min 47 sec

If you’re struggling with brain fog, fatigue, insomnia, or joint pain, you don’t want to miss today’s podcast episode! Clinical researcher and bestselling author Dr. Michael Ruscio reveals why an unhealthy gut may be the culprit behind your symptoms. Listen as Dr. Ruscio explains why gut problems can often come disguised as other health issues like thyroid problems or hormonal imbalances, as well as how his free quiz can help you determine the root cause of your symptoms. Dr. Ruscio also talks about the series of interventions in his book Healthy Gut, Healthy You, that can help heal your gut, including a Paleo and low-FODMAP diet, plus he shares his top recommendations for herbs that can help with female hormonal imbalances. Find out how to restore your gut health in a stepwise fashion so you can feel better from head to toe! Get Dr. Michael Ruscio’s free quiz to determine the root cause of your symptoms at drruscio.com/hghy-quiz.

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