Risk is Like Salt #12

By Ozan Dagdeviren

This episode is about risk, learning and the challenges of the entrepreneur. Risk is like salt, too little means you wouldn't be able to survive, too much would kill you. But how can you calculate how much risk is the moderate amount?-Welcome to the Mental Fitness Podcast. Today's entrepreneurs are mental athletes that have to know about the mind and how to keep it fit. Our goal is to increase our resilience against stress and anxiety; optimise our productivity, motivation and optimism by learning about the human mind through psychology, neuroscience and human behaviour.I am your host Ozan. I am a founder who has experienced the challenges of launching and growing a business and a keen student of human behaviour over the last 15 years. I will share with you what I know and learn.Hundreds of impactful behaviour changing ideas are waiting to be discovered.Let's begin now.

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