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12: Real Estate Investing with Fundrise CEO Ben Miller

By Sam Marks / Johnny FD

Ben Miller is the Co-founder and CEO of one of the hottest new investment products available today – Fundrise. Their platform gives unaccredited investors the opportunity to invest directly in big property deals with as little as $1,000. By being a low cost model and required to pay out 90% of income, their eREIT provides high yielding returns to investors on a quarterly basis. Ben comes on the show to discuss his 17 years of real estate and tech experience and how the combination of that skills has lead to the creation of Fundrise.  This episode goes into extensive detail around all forms of real estate investing and will appeal to anyone who is interested on the broader category.  **disclosure, Sam is currently invested in their Growth eREIT Relevant links for guest:  Ben’s Twitter –  Where are we: Ben Miller: Washington DC. Sam: Singapore  Recommended:  Rich Dad Poor Dad Invest in Fundrise with as little as $1,000 Discussed (relevant links): Vanguard REIT – Senior Property Housing Trust MAPLE TREE INDUSTRIAL Trust iShares REIT JOBS ACT Time Stamp – Topic: 05:45 – What Fundrise is 06:30 – What is a eREIT? 07:50 – Difference in income REIT and growth REIT 09:00 – Ben’s 17 years of experience in Real Estate 12:30 – Getting great mortgage rates 13:10 – Surviving downturns in property and stock markets 14:30 – The appeal of REITs as a cash flow investment 15:15 – Fundrise vs a public REIT 17:00 – How many properties will the REITs invest in 19:30 – Investment windows for Fundrise 22:30 – FAT built into public REITs 23:00 – Finding high yielding REITs 23:45 – Find properties to add to the eREITs 26:00 – Fundrise vs. big institutions 26:00 – Managing property operators 26:30 – What markets do you find hot? 27:30 – Why being small gives you an advantage 30:00 – REITs paying out 90% of income 32:30 – Investing for non accredited investors 32:45 – The JOBS Act relevance to Fundrise 35:45 – Minimum investments and average investor 38:00 – Can non US citizens invest through Fundrise 40:00 – When do REITs cap out? 42:30 – Appreciate / depreciation potential 44:15 – Valuing the REITs each quarter by a 3rd party 48:20 – What is an ideal length of time to invest in a REIT? 50:30 – Listener questions 53:30 – Owning Fundrise vs. buying an investment property 57:45 – What happens if Fundrise gets nuked 58:05 – Find out more about Fundrise Invest in Fundrise with as little as $1,000 with this invest If you enjoyed this episode, do us a favor and share it! Also if you haven’t already, please take a minute to leave us a 5 star review on iTunes and claim your bonus here! Copyright 2016. All rights reserved. Read our disclaimer here.

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