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Episode 26: Part 1 of 3 - Ernesto Segismundo Talks Entrepreneurship, Broadcasting Addiction & Anger.

By Vanessa Lech

Podcast Title: “Ernesto Segismundo Talks Entrepreneurship, Broadcasting, Addiction & Anger.”My guest today, Ernesto Segismundo is a licensed marriage and family therapist. Ernesto received his undergraduate degree in psychology from Biola University and received his Masters of Science degree in Clinical Psychology from Vanguard University. Ernesto has over 10 years of clinical counseling experience working in settings such as group homes, domestic violence shelters, churches, and outpatient programs. Ernesto treats marriage and family relationship problems. Ernesto also treat individuals suffering from depression, anxiety and addiction.Along with Ernesto’s counseling experience, he has conducted various classes and seminars concerning relationships and mental health related topics such as parenting, substance abuse, maintaining healthy marriages, private practice social media and video marketing and managed care practices.Ernesto is currently an adjunct professor at Hope International University and owns a group practice called California Altura Vista Counseling with offices located in Huntington Beach and Fullerton California.Ernesto Segismundo discussed and shared what motivated him to enter into the behavioral health care field.Ernesto Segismundo explained what motivated him to enter into private practice.Ernesto Segismundo discussed and shared his experiences since having entered into private practice. Ernesto discussed and shared his knowledge and experiences running a behavioral health care organization, hiring employees, his employment and recruiting practices that have and are currently working for him. Ernesto mentioned using Paychex for HR outsourcing and Vanessa Lech mentioned Gusto.Ernesto Segismundo shared his current screening process for prospective clients in his group private practice.Ernesto Segismundo shared what he has learned from his experiences of working with those that struggle with substance abuse.Ernesto Segismundo discussed and shared his experiences with clients that are experiencing legal issues, his past involvement in going to court and California Association of Marriage and Family Therapist (CAMP).Ernesto Segismundo explained how social media influenced his broadcasting/media creation. Ernesto Segismundo discussed the future of his work.This where you can learn more about Ernesto Segismundo’s work:Ernesto Segismundo’s group practice website: Segismundo’s video production website: Segismundo’s YouTube Channel: Segismundo’s Facebook Page: Segismundo’s Twitter Page: Segismundo’s Instagram Page: Resources:National Suicide Prevention Lifeline1-800-273-8255 Association of Poison Control Centers1-800-222-1222 The views and opinions expressed by guest speakers do not necessarily reflect nor represent the views, positions or policies of the host Vanessa Lech, the podcast “Unraveled - Addiction and Anger Management” or “Carolina Addiction and Anger Management PLLC”.The information included in the podcast, “Unraveled - Addiction and Anger Management” and the “Unraveled - Addiction and Anger Management” podcast description is for informational and educational purposes only. This does NOT establish a clinical relationship with anyone. Please consult with a licensed behavioral health clinician in your area for personalized assistance with your unique situation. Thank you.

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