118: Henri Schoeman - Olympic Bronze & Commonwealth Gold Medal Triathlete

endurance Junkie Podcast

Apr 2018

41 min 44 sec

Henri Schoeman is a South African triathlete who specialises in Olympic Distance racing. Henri grew up with aspirations of becoming an Olympic swimmer but switched to triathlon when it became clear that his shorter and lighter frame was more suitable for running than for swimming. Henri made his debut at the highest level – the World Triathlon Series - in 2013, but truely broke through in 2016 when he won the bronze medal at the Rio Games and won his first World Series race in Cozumel a couple of weeks later. After a difficult post Olympic year, Henri has had a flying start to 2018 with a solid win at the season opener in Abu Dhabi and the gold medal at the Commonwealth Games last week. You can follow Henri on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In this interview we talk about: – Henri's sporting background and progression in triathlon – Dealing with injuries at the beginning of his career – What his expectations were at the 2016 Rio Games – Winning the 2018 season opener in Abu Dhabi – Winning the 2018 Commonwealth Gold

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