04 | Walk the talk | with Podcaster and Mindset coach Özlem Özkan

The Unconventionals

Jun 23

33 min 4 sec

SummaryÖzlem Özkan is a Mindset coach, host of the “Bridging” podcast and author of the book “The Student”. After living in different countries, transitioning from teaching to the corporate world and now making a name for herself as a podcaster and entrepreneur, she definitely knows how to bring something good to a conversation.In the episode, we talk about self-limiting beliefs and how to fight them, entrepreneurship, mental toughness, the power of taking action today and much more. LinksÖzlem ÖzkanW www.ozkanozlem.comIG @ozkanozlemListen to episode with GAV THOMPSON #33 Bridging PodcastCheck out her book on Amazon The StudentRead my blog for a daily dose of new insights Özlem’s BlogFollow on IG: @TheUnconventionalspodcast & @javiag__

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