Why we buy what we buy - Richard Shotton

By Jon Evans

Richard is author of the No.1 Marketing Book The Choice Factory which was the winner of BBH’s World Cup of Advertising books in 2018 beating some industry heavy-weights. Richard has 20 years of experience in Advertising planning, market research and behavioural science and last year made the big leap to set up a consultancy following the success of his book.In this episode How he ended up writing the best-selling marketing book of 2019 Why behavioural science should matter to every marketer Why rhyming phrases are not just more memorably but also more believable too How the decline in CMO & agency tenure is impacting on long term effectiveness How our own experience impacts on our perceptions (the false consensus effect) The impact of social proof on sales and how to use it Why you’ll spend less on a night out when paying cash How making something easy is a huge competitive advantage Why branded glasses make beer taste better and worth more Why a 4.5* review beats a 5* review (the pratfall effect) How many of the best ideas happened by accident but were  Follow me:Twitter | @uncensoredCMOLinkedInGet in touch:Website | www.uncensoredcmo.comEmail | jon@uncensoredcmo.comFollow Richard:Twitter | @rshottonThe Choice Factory

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