Ep.39: How Do You Get the Right People and How to Build a Successful Team?

By Sean Si

One of the things that is most difficult for startups is getting the right people for your team. How do you get the right people? First of all, Anthony believes that you have to pray for the right people to come into the business. Without prayer, you won’t know who’s coming into your business. Second, he concentrates on the character of the person even before the technical skills of the individual. Anthony believes that when a person’s character is good, everything else will follow. How do you develop leadership in your company? Anthony believes in leading by example and puts his people first. Anthony thinks of the situations of his people and takes appropriate actions from there.  SEO Hacker is full of millennials and all my team members are younger than me. Imagine the chaos that happens in the office. You can’t take out the fun because of everyone that’s there.  I’ve read the book Developing Leaders by John Maxwell recently. There’s this one quote that particularly stuck with me. It went: “Hiring is like skydiving. Once you jump out, you’re committed.” You have many applicants to choose from. But when you make the hire, you’re stuck with that person. This is why you have to take your time in hiring that person. For Anthony, it’s largely about his gut feel. Out of all the people that he hired, he can only think of less than three people that he truly believes was a mistake to hire. The rest was easy enough to ease into the company. When did you know that it was time to have an office? Anthony started at the conference table within his dad’s office. After a few projects, around two or three years later, he was able to get his own office right beside his dad’s office. His dad once told him that if they rented an office, it’s just going to be another expense, he would rather invest right away so that they won’t have any more expenses in the long run. It was only a small office because most of Anthony’s employees work out in the field. How far into the business were you when you purchased the office? Anthony was able to purchase their first office just four years after starting operations. Have you ever worked for your dad? How was that experience? Anthony used to work for the family business when his own business began to show signs of good stability. He started with business development and helping out with the operations. Back then, Anthony had a pretty good idea on how to manage his time between working for his dad and working on his own business.  Unfortunately, after his father’s passing, the workload became quite difficult, especially since he had to deal with all that was happening. Are you the next in line to take over the company? How does it feel? Anthony is the one who will inherit the company and it’s a big responsibility for him. He feels a lot of pressure especially since he will be the person with whom hundreds of employees will rely on. He has inherited the obligation of making sure that the company thrives and grows.  He believes that even with these hardships and him becoming the new president of his family business, there is still one true CEO that will guide him along the way, God. How were you groomed to take on this role? Most second-generation family business owners would say that they are not yet ready, that they’re not yet prepared when in reality, you will never find the best possible time to enter it. The perfect time is now. They should start doing it now and learn most of what you need along the way. These people only need to gather up confidence and have a bit more faith in God. With the passing of your father, how shocking was the transition for you? Anthony and his father w Support the show (https://tribe.leadershipstack.com/)

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