EPISODE 5: God Bless These 20 Somethings: The Pressure to Have Life "Figured Out"

Black Girl Blueprint

Sep 2020

1 hr 21 min

Your 20s can be an odd time, filled with all sorts of major life lessons and transitions. College, social media, and capitalism are all fair game in the fifth episode of Black Girl Blueprint where we’ll have a candid conversation about the growing pains of entering this new life chapter. From our fears of aging and missing our "prime," to the pressures that many 20-somethings face to be "successful" and know what to do with their lives at an early age, there’s a lot to unpack here as we learn to stop putting so much pressure on ourselves and to cherish and enjoy these years while they last. As SZA says, God bless these 20-somethings.

Podcast Episode