From MBA to Financial Services: Visa Senior Manager, Consulting & Analytics // Erica Luong // Yale SOM 2018

MBAsians: The Asian MBA Podcast

May 18

1 hr 5 min

We invited Erica Luong, a Yale School of Management Class of 2018, to share her post MBA career experience as a consulting & analytics senior manager at Visa. You will learn more about how to utilize your time at work and make your MBA life more meaningful. Meet Erica LuongBorn and raised in Vietnam, Erica went to college in Singapore and started her career as a consultant. During her Yale MBA program as a class of 2018, she did an internship at McKinsey in Singapore, but one of her goals of MBA was to work in the US, so she decided to full-time recruit in the US and entered Visa by utilizing her consulting skillsets. She wanted to help her fellow Asian MBAs in whatever ways possible and came to MBAsians! In this episode we talk about: Overview of Visa and working life as a Senior Manager, Consulting & Analytics How to be flexible and use your own time at work How to utilize and structure your

2-year MBA life Connect with Erica! LinkedIn: Jacob Yu and Jay Park, your MBAsians Hosts!

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