88: Mike Foote - Elite Ultrarunner & Skimo Racer

By Peter Brees, endurance Junkie

Mike Foote transformed from an average runner to elite ultra-distance trail and mountain runner when he was selected to run the Wasatch 100, one of the most grueling 100-mile footraces in the world, back in 2009. He started running higher mileage, signed up for tune-up races in Montana and finally ended up 9th at Wasatch 100. Since then, Mike has recorded a third place finish at UTMB in 2012, three second-place finishes at Hardrock 100 and multiple wins over various distances. In the past few years Mike has re-shifted his running focus to skiing in the winter months, exploring the backcountry and becoming a leader in the sport of ski mountaineering racing. You can follow Mike on Facebook and Instagram. In this interview we talk about: – Mike's sporting background and progression in ultrarunning – How he picks his races and sets up his training plan – Why he picked up Ski Mountaineering and how it has helped his running – Hardrock 2018 – Biggest achievement and disappointment

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