Episode 196: Sammie On The Scene (2021/03/23)

By David Cooper

Episode 196 of the "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper" and the host tonight is Sammie, a white and a Jew, so David has company tonight. So if its David, then the talk wouldn't be very far from Drugs, Shit and Sex, not necessarily in that order. Th profound experience David talks about is the Asshole opening up to poop. Then after some talk of failed careers, we get the line of the episode, "Tinder and Linkedin are for networking" Then we get Tony to the call. David has new prompt for the callers about Sammie's butthole. Its a bit weird., some other prompt will be good. Like ask people to talk in a particular accent or ask them in which position they did it recently. And we get more of these callers. This is MarU from India, rating this episode a 2 of 5, i thought Sammie was good, but didn't take it higher.

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