Ep. 17 Deciem and The Ordinary Founder Brandon Truaxe

By Breaking Beauty Podcast

In our latest, by-popular-demand episode, we bring you #Deciem mastermind Brandon Truaxe, who has shaken up the beauty world with his ‘Abnormal Beauty Company." In this episode, we unravel the origin story behind Deciem and The Ordinary. Brandon walks us through his zig-zag trajectory to bad boy fame, starting with his dramatic exit from a high school job, his first career path, and what led him to switch gears entirely before launching Deciem, the parent company of nine spin-off brands (and counting!) that include The Ordinary, NIOD, Hylamide, Fountain and more. Unplugged and completely unfiltered, Brandon reveals the real deal struggles behind beauty start ups, coming clean on the past companies he walked away from and who his friends and enemies are in business. And finally, learn which products have been “life-changing” to The Ordinary’s legions of fans, and what they can look forward to in helping to de-code which skincare regimen is right for them. We also got the scoop on two majorrr innovations that we can all look forward to next. Hosts: Carlene Higgins and Jill Dunn Audio production: Olivia Nashmi Theme song: Cherry Bomb by Saya Subscribe to us here: iTunes: goo.gl/oKyjFx Soundcloud: goo.gl/xUXC3v Stitcher: goo.gl/5d8oFX Google Play: goo.gl/cDpMwT Get social with us and let us know what you think of the episode! www.Breakingbeauty.ca - Check our blog for all products mentioned. www.Instagram.com/breakingbeautypodcast www.Twitter.com/BreakingBtyPod www.Facebook.com/BreakingBeautyPodcast

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