Why God Calls Us to Share The Mess of Our Past

Women RAWC

Jul 14

33 min 36 sec

We all have a past. For some of us, our past is messy and there’s a fear of judgement that holds us back from sharing what we’ve gone through. But God calls us to share that mess with one another to draw us closer together and closer to him. This week, Nancy talks to business and lifestyle coach, Carrie Guarrero, about her journey of holding back from talking about the trauma she experienced in her life to feeling like God was calling her to share her mess with others; specifically other women so they felt less alone. Tune in to hear how Carrie overcame her fears, submitted to God, and about her mission to unite women through their purpose for God’s kingdom. In this episode, you will learn: Why we are called to share our mess with others () Some tips from Nancy: how she stays on track each and every day for God’s purpose for her () What you can do if you’re ready for lasting change and ready to grow from hurt () -

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