Ep. 62: Questioning Your Relationship With Alcohol @yoursoberpal

By Ashley Clifford and Elizabeth Adley

Ashley and Liz had an open and honest conversation with Laura about her sobriety and the relationship struggles people might face with alcohol in their twenties. The girls set their goal for this episode to change the stigma of what "alcoholism" might look like and that it could be your friend, your sibling, or even yourself that is struggling with sobriety. On this episode, Laura was kind enough to answer questions very openly and honestly about her relationship with sobriety, such as when she questioned her relationship with alcohol, how her friends supported her, some of her struggles, and more. Laura is an award-winning writer and marketer with a passion for animals and helping people get sober. She is the face behind Your Sober Pal, a sobriety humor Tik Tok account and Instagram account aimed at helping people find comfort and laughter in their struggle with alcohol. When she isn't making Tik Toks, Laura can be found at her local animal shelter where she works as a communications manager. She is also passionate about backpacking, bodybuilding, and plants. Follow Laura on Instagram:: https://www.instagram.com/yoursoberpal/ Follow Laura on Tik Tok:: https://www.tiktok.com/@yoursoberpalResources for Sobriety:: http://yoursoberpal.com/

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