Stillborn | Kim Whitmore

By Happiness Initiative x Fabl

In this episode of the Screwed Up Moments podcast, we speak with Kim Whitmore, an assistant professor who suffered the devastating loss of her child through stillbirth. Here she shares more about the painful experience, how the trauma has impacted her and her family, and how she is trying to live on and adjust to this new normal. You can find more information about the Alana Rose Foundation here: Music Theme music for the Screwed Up Moments podcast is the track “A Delicate Moment”, originally composed by Rico Lo of Melodise and performed by Julian Law for this podcast.  Music used in the main body of this episode was provided by Blue Dot Sessions and covered under their blanket license, which you can find at Track listing is as follows: Feathered La Inglesa Kirkus Interlude Drone Thistle Micolai Night Light Credits The Screwed Up Moments podcast is a joint production of Happiness Initiative and Fable Productions. Executive producers are Simon Leow and Sherman Ho. Production and editing was done by Danny Koordi of Fabl Productions. If you have your own Screwed Up Moments story to share for future podcast episodes, do write us an e-mail at

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