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SO You Want to Be A Personal Trainer? 5 Tips to Run And Succeed in Any Business

By Jimmy Kim

In today's episode I share with you a very candid and real approach to break into not just the personal training business but ANY business. I come from a long line of successful small business owners. They weren't CEO's of large corporations or social media influencers, they WERE hard working people trying to live their dream. They made it, despite English not being their first language, raising kids and still try to maintain sanity while working crazy hours. They never wanted me to run a business, in fact they STILL don't! But, the heart goes, where the heart goes. I didn't know how bad I wanted to be an entrepreneur until I listed all the things I've done and here are only a few: t shirt business sell mix cd's at flea markets, my classmates, on the street tutoring English sweating my butt off in front of a hot work and serving food at my food court restaurant Of course... REMIX MY FITNESS = ) I've had my fair range of small business experience and I've learned a lot and I’m still learning. Today's episode, I go over my 5 TOP TIPS on how to run a successful business. I hope you like the show. *Get in Touch with Me: * Website: Team Remix on FB: Team Remix ( Instagram: Remixmyfitness ( *Music by: * Intro/Outro - DJ Riz (my boy since highschool) Been Awhile - Yung Kutz ( ) Social Media: Facebook: @yungkartz Twitter: @yungkartz Instagram: @yungkartz Snapchat: @yungkartz Email: BLUNTEDSESH - Tha Silent Partner Social Medial: Tha Silent Partner @ Bandcamp » Tha Silent Partner @ Facebook » Tha Silent Partner @ Myspace » Tha Silent Partner @ Reverbnation » Tha Silent Partner @ Twitter » Tha Silent Partner @ Youtube How do I lose weight? What exercises do I need to do? How to stay motivated? These are big questions that fitness coach Jimmy Kim digs into in the Remix My Fitness Podcast. Featuring inspiring guests who have their own inspiration success stories, how they reached their fitness goals, step by step guides on exercise and food for every part of your journey. Each episode is designed to get you to start IMMEDIATE action in your quest to be the BEST version of yourself. Jimmy's speciality is being able to crack the Fitness DNA that has been holding you back from achieving your goals. You can't choose what exercise or diet program is best for your needs? There is too much information out there that it's hard to know who has the right or wrong answer? Discover why 1000's of people both online and in person have worked with Fitness Coach Jimmy Kim to get shed those pounds, keep it off but most importantly actually enjoy the process. If you're at your wits end or just need a fresh outlook on your fitness, health or life, then it's time to tune in, listen and to become the best version of you!

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