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Embodiment for the Modern Woman

By Maddy Moon: Feminine Embodiment | Transformational Life Coach | Mindset Teacher| Spiritual Entrepreneur | Disordered Eating Recovery

Episode 261: Madelyn Moon shares exactly what embodiment is and how it can help us reclaim our authentic power. By cultivating a daily embodiment practice, we're able to release old trauma from the body and begin a healing journey back to ourselves. In this episode, Madelyn explains why embodiment is the foundation of her coaching practice, as well as her daily life.     Show notes: To get a free 30-day trial of Audible + 1 free book, go HERE Create 1-3 goals that you’d like to see come into fruition around friendships/community, career, financial self-care and adventure. Why Madelyn will be doing more solo podcast episodes.  A definition of embodiment and Madelyn's example of stepping into the energy of a queen. Having awareness is a form of embodiment. How to summon your power and stop playing small.  The discomfort that a feminine being feels from masculine energy. "Embodiment is about how to get back into the body when we’ve been taught to be in our head." The gift of embodiment and what it provides for us. How trauma is stored in the body over time and how to heal it. Must-read book: The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D.  Madelyn's gets emotional when she connects into the pain that we as humans feel daily.  How to find where in your body your heartbreak is stored. "Too often we think our way into embodiment." A big key to embodiment is trusting. How embodiment goes hand in hand with feminine and masculine energy. How to use embodiment to access the shadow side of yourself. Reclaiming the “sacred slut, oracle, queen” archetypes and using embodiment as a tool to access different parts of ourselves. The range of healing that embodiment provides. Using embodiment to create sexual polarity. Accessing Courtney Love’s energy as a healthy shadow side.  Archetypes can be anything — it's safe and okay to do your day to day activities as anything you wish. The Embodied Archetype: Giving a Voice to the Hidden Shadow with Jamie Wollrab and Madelyn Moon HERE Connect with Maddy: Facebook (and/or “follow” my profile HERE) Instagram Mind Body Musings Podcast Coaching Get your free gift >> Maddy's 100+ Favourite Books List HERE

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