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4 Steps To Guarantee Employee Engagement

By Steve Van Remortel

Show Note Links:Inquiry about taking a Driving Forces Assessment: Email Learn more about our Shepherd of the Talent Training: Driving Forces Identifier Download: How to Retain Your Employees in 2019 Blog: Thank you for listening and please pass this podcast on to anyone you feel could benefit from also listening to this episode. If this podcast has brought you value, please leave a review to help others find this podcast. If you have any questions, please email or visit for a library full of resources and templates. Whether it’s in your business, career or life, there is no problem that you cannot overcome with the right plan implemented by the right talent.  Achieving what you want in your business, career and life is a direct byproduct of having the right plan and the right talent.  -Hey, this is Steve Van Remortel, Chief Strategist and Talent Coach for STV Advisors, Inc. I founded the company in 1999 after getting my Masters’ Degree in Strategic Management after a BA in Marketing and Organizational Communications. I am also a certified professional behavioral analyst in 4 behavioral sciences.  I’ve led over 1,000 Strategy & Talent Planning Sessions across hundreds of industries as well as provided coaching to thousands of leaders. I wanted to create this podcast to bring you proven strategies, processes and methodologies I’ve seen work with clients over the 20+ years I’ve been doing strategy and talent consulting. In 2012, I published my award-winning book Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream and will publish my second book Stop Living Vanilla Ice Cream in 2019. I am motivated to help leaders, teams and organizations stop the vanilla in their business and life to achieve what they want.I currently live in Green Bay, Wisconsin and yes, I’m a Packers fan. And for the record, my favorite ice cream is Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Have a profitable day! 

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