A way to achieve healthy blood sugars

By Julia Joseph

Leah is a T1D and blogger from Minesota US. She lived in Germany for some time before moving back to the US, where she recently had her baby. She followed the low carb diet throughout pregnancy and maintained an A1c between 4.5-4.9%, which is equivalent to 90 days average blood glucose of 100! A blood glucose a non diabetic would have.  She is passionated about sharing her experience on how she got there. We also touch on: ✨ foods during pregnancy ✨ reasons some fear trying low-carb ✨insights to her 4 years with excellent BG control ✨✨Free Giveaway✨✨ Join us on instagram to win a free Q&A zoom call with Leah and myself on “How to reduce hypoglycaemia”. There you can meet us in person and ask us any questions on T1D management, low-carb and the ketogenic diet. If you do not have instagram, send me a message via my website, so we can see how to include you in the price-draw! Follow Leah on instagram: @theinsulintype Please subscribe & leave a kind review on apple podcasts! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  This helps massively to run this free podcast for you! I look forward chatting to you on instagram or maybe even meeting you in person in your Q&A zoom call! Much love Julia

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