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E 101 Eight Self Destructive Processes with Dr. Diane Harner PhD and Emotional Intelligence

By Dr. Justin Trosclair DC, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Optometry, Dentist, Podiatry, Marketing

Dr. Diane Harner, PhD talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair DC on A Doctor's Perspective Podcast. What are good Emotional Intelligence type tests for hiring, how stress can motivate, ways to stop procrastination, self doubt, 8 self-destructive processes to work through, sleep and brain nutrition. Dr. Diane Harner PhD neuroscientist What are some of the drawbacks to being a Type A driven personality when it comes to managing your expectations of yourself and staff. Being trained in medicine is great because it becomes automatic and our brains love that, but you still have to be aware and think so you don’t make mistakes. When it comes to hiring staff, PA’s, NP’s - what are good Emotional Intelligence type tests to see who would be best and who can handle stressful situations. Attitude, interpersonal skills (she goes into these) and mock stress situations (great examples detailed) are important because you can rehearse interview answers and appear much better than realty. You really want to see how someone can handle stressful situation. What’s a tip or two to speed up the “fake it to you make it” that many new doctors and staff experience. Ways to avoid and safeguard from the tragic Burnout. Activation and energy to engage in a task, the task itself (pleasure/displeasure) and consequences of the task. How important is changing the environment to stay focused? Do you procrastinate? Reasons why we do it and how to tell when it’s a negative in your life. Ways to motivate your staff: it’s not always a gift card they want. Could be intrinsic or extrinisic motivation, could be time off, status, public praise… listen around minute 18. Learn your staff’s triggers and met them. Coaching conversations Versus WIPS (work in progress conversations) … put another way: conversations asking how the Person is compared to, are you meeting the deadlines for a project. Are the millennials forcing the hand of bosses to be more flexible with work arrangement and time constraints? Also, has every younger generation changed the work force? What type of nutrition and sleep can we do to allow our brain to adapt, change or learn to its peak potential? There is a link between exercise and the decrease of Alzheimer’s Disease. Why are zinc and magnesium so important for happiness and brain chemical regulation? Food is the best way to get your nutrients because of nature’s natural balance of minerals and micronutrients. Certain processes work best with proper ratios and if you are only taking a vitamin supplement you might become off. Early to bed gives you better quality sleep. I know I was disappointed to hear it makes a difference so do your best to change your routines and she gives a few pointers. So are you a night owl or an early bird… can you wake up without an alarm? Her most common clients are mid to senior level positions who are stuck in some area. She is finishing her master in counseling to give the full well rounded holistic approach to her clients. Let’s face it, usually there is some family or personal issues going on that’s translating into the business life. Here are the 8 criteria she looks at with each client. Self-doubt , perfectionism, impatience, multitasking, rigidity, procrastination, negativity, conformity. The Top 3 are below. Perfectionism (can be positive or negative) Procrastination Self Doubt – Imposter Syndrome Arousal stress can increase and stimulate great performance, but if it goes to far then it can hamper us aka diminishing returns. What are some benefits to breaking up a Major project into smaller manageable chunks and deadlines. Dr Harner discuses each of the top 3 struggles with the Why and Basic Solutions you could try tomorrow. Listen near the end for NeuroLink AI that Elon Musk is spearheading as well as specific biofeedback brain waves that you can do at home to practice relaxation techniques. She practices mindfulness and reminds us of the pure definition...

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