Legal Department Metrics with Mick Sheehy

By Alex Rosenrauch and Elliot Leibu

Mick Sheehy is a partner at PWC in Australia and head of the firm's NewLaw practice. He is a former General Counsel at Telstra where he developed and led the legal department's innovation program, which later became its legal operations and transformation function. Mick, Alex and Elliot had a fascinating conversation focused on data and metrics for corporate legal departments. They covered: * Why metrics are important, and why legal departments have generally been slower to adopt them than other corporate departments. * Whether or not it is reasonable to expect lawyers to be data experts. * What constitutes a "metric", and whether or not it must be quantifiable. * How to decide what to measure. * How to utilise metrics, including their value in making decisions and framing stories. * The role of technology and standardisation in the collection and use of metrics. * The future of NewLaw and legal operations. Note: This interview with Mick was recorded in late 2020. LINKS PWC New Law team:

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