85: Kriss Hendy - Strength Training for Endurance Athletes

endurance Junkie Podcast

Dec 2017

32 min 39 sec

Kriss Hendy

is a strength coach who specializes in injury rehabilitation and strength training for endurance performance. Kriss strongly believes that strength & conditioning is a commonly overlooked area of training within the endurance community, where the sole focus is on the sport in question, which may suffice in the short term but will ultimately result in long-term injury issues. You can follow Kriss on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. In this interview we talk about: – The importance of strength training for endurance athletes – Common issues endurance athletes struggle with – Filtering the "fluff" information that's available on social media about strength training – The importance of a good warm-up – Some strength tips for athletes who are currently in off-season or early racing season

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