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Ep 23. Julia Mitchell: Managing ROAM Ranch

By Nate Eckman

Julia Mitchell - alongside her husband Cody Spencer - manages ROAM Ranch , a regenerative landscape and ultimate outdoor Austin day trip. ROAM Ranch was started by Katie and Taylor Collin as an extension of their first company, Epic Provisions (buy these snacks!). After Katie fell ill while trying to balance vegetarianism with exercise, she returned to consuming meat and decided the best way to do so was by creating a brand that ensured the meat she consumed was fed and treated in a manner most wholesome. ROAM Ranch extends this vision as becoming a single ecosystem where Bison roam alongside ducks, pigs, turkeys, and a whole host of other animals that keep this agro-ecological system in natural harmony. The results have been astounding. Plots where little to no grass grew, now dozens of varieties of grasses and cover crops flourish. In turn, the land is literally generating nutrition where none previously existed. Which gets to the crux of Julia’s argument: we have a soil problem. Bland fruit, colorless meat, these things are symptoms of a ground run dry. And if more ranches and farms could address the problem of their dying soil, nutrition would abound. As Julia points out, the nutritional value that our grandparents received from one pound of meat we get from two. For oranges, the ratio is 8:1. As ROAM Ranch continues to awaken a small part of Texas land, they want the public to witness their work. The diversity of offerings continues to expand, from regularly scheduled ranch tours, to in depth classes about soil, to a life-changing Thanksgiving experience where attendees get to partake in the process of prepping a Turkey from life to skinned, cleaned, and ready-to-eat. ROAM ranch is one of the greatest outdoor Austin day trips. And to those wanting to spend extra time there, the ranch offers overnight stays as well as Axis Deer hunting packages. It goes without saying that if you live in the Austin area and want to call yourself a Texan, you must visit ROAM.

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