S1E10 - Religious Identity (the Good Stuff)

By Curiously Strong Pod

We have talked a lot about the ways that our religious upbringing has hurt us but we do think it’s important to acknowledge that very few things are entirely bad and so we wanted to dedicate an entire episode to the good things we are taking away from evangelicalism.  What did we learn from church? What opportunities were presented to us? Community always has been an important one and one we hear from lots of other exvangelicals and ex-religious people as well. Another facet is the charitable spirit of Christianity (when done right) and how it often changes lives for the better.  Trish loves the Bible as wisdom literature and likes thinking about the good things we can get out of it.  Jess has been taught that everyone has inherent value and no one is beyond redemption. April values the importance of not seeing people as objects but rather as full human beings. Listen to find out all the other redemptive parts we dug out from our memories even if they were sometimes hard to find as this season of identity comes to a close. 

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