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Ep. 22: Let Go(d)

By Saha-Kehau Paulo, CMP.

Come check out the weekly reading for Woke Wednesday and make sure you're wearing your big boy/girl pants because Spirit is dishing some truth bombs today. S I D E B A R - If labels freak you out, get your life. Everything is energy so if I say God, Spirit, Source, Creator, Him, Her, He, She, Universe....I'm referring to the same energy that creating us all. People get so fixated on BS, they miss the message. The reason I decided to address this is because I've been getting a lot backlash/remarks lately about not saying God or saying God. It's 2018 folks, as a species we should be expanding our consciousness and not so fixed on old ideas, traditions and beliefs. If you can't see that we are all one and you're still pointing your finger at others, take a good hard look in the mirror. AFTER SHOW:

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