Finding a Way to Feed The World

By Mission

Leading a large organization is full of high-stakes situations that can make or break a company. But in some cases, a company’s livelihood isn’t the only thing on the line. Sometimes, and this is not hyperbole, the entire world is relying on the decisions you make. Elisha Hermann is a Global Supply Chain Strategy and Innovation Partner at Bayer Crop Sciences, where she and her team are on a mission to make sure the world doesn't starve. And if that isn’t challenging enough, she’s also helping to figure out how to make feeding the world equitable and sustainable utilizing the technology that's at the heart of everything Bayer does. The stakes are high and things like infestations, soil erosion, supply chain issues, legislation, trade, and climate change add wrinkles to the problem at every turn. Learn how Bayer is addressing those challenges and more on this episode.Main Takeaways: Science And Data First: Whether the global food chain is at stake or if you’re a business owner just trying to put a product out to market, data should always be leading the way. Gather and analyze as much information and data as you can, and come up with science- and data-based solutions to whatever problems you face. And then, if you fail, take that data and use it as a jumping-off point to improve and move forward.Tech Is The Answer: AI, machine learning, blockchain, automation — all of these may seem like buzzwords with more hype than practical application, but the truth is that each of these technologies is being used in real and impactful ways. To go from an idea to a solution, though, implementing solutions at scale is necessary, even if it means you have to fail fast and pivot..   Chain Reaction: The pandemic accelerated innovation and spurred digital transformation in every industry. As more activity moves online, the supply chain will likely see some changes that will make sourcing patterns, product lifecycles, and other aspects less complex and more transparent every step of the way.---Business X factors is produced by and brought to you by Hyland. For over a decade, Hyland has been named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms, leading the way to help people get the information they need when and where they need it. More than half of 2019 Fortune 100 companies rely on Hyland to help them create more meaningful connections with the people they serve. When your focus is on the people you serve, Hyland stands behind you. Hyland is your X factor for better performance. Go to to learn more.

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