Nutritional Alchemy with Serena Poon

Ask The Health Expert

Oct 9

28 min 48 sec

After both of her parents were diagnosed with cancer, Serena Poon found herself in the role of a very stressed caretaker who was spending most of the time caring for others and not enough time caring for herself. Her health began to decline rapidly. After a surprise surgery to remove inflamed tissue from her chest, which led to a terrible MRSA infection, Serena knew it was crucial to focus on her own self-care. In addition to deepening her spiritual practices, she wanted to look into how her diet could help realign her chakras. Serena knew that there had to be a way to crack the code of using fresh and raw (not to mention colorful) foods to help promote a healthy mental state, support gut health, sustained energy to better sleep, and everything in between. Serena and JJ talk about how ANYONE can learn to focus on what their body needs and how to feed those needs. Serena gives great real-world advice on how to deal with stress, gut health, heart health, and more! No prior chakra knowledge needed! Sign up to download Serena’s Anti-Aging E-Book and learn how to become the healthiest you!

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