5 Tips on Pricing Your Photography (and Earning More Profit)

By Jordan P. Anderson

If you’re pressed for time, read this: Fairness is a myth Options help your clients feel in control Say the largest price first - it sticks in our heads Never let the client fend for themselves Price isn’t the only point you can negotiate. So you’re in Year One of your photography business and pricing scares  the hell out of you. You’ve looked around at your friends and  competitions and concluded that it’s best to blend in. You’ve decided  it’s best to be average and only attract average clients with average  projects. Let’s jump into how you can transform your pricing, so you’re  able to book more deals, keep your clients happy, and earn more profit. Sound impossible? See for yourself. For photographers who HATE marketing, here’s a short lesson plan - 😤😤😤 ►►Enroll Now: https://jordanpanderson.com/ --- I’m Jordan P. Anderson - I help photographers who HATE marketing. No seriously. I help photographers get a consistent stream of inquiries and leads. If  you think you need help making better business decisions for your  photography brand then read a few articles to see if this journey is  right for you. ------ Jordan’s Daily Email for Photographers My Daily Email for Photographers - https://geni.us/jordan-newsletter FREE TEMPLATES One-Page Proposal Template - https://geni.us/1-page-proposal60-Day Marketing Strategy Worksheet - https://geni.us/marketingstrategy ONLINE COURSES How to Start Your Video Production Company - https://geni.us/videoproduction Personal Branding: How to Stand Out and Build Influence - https://geni.us/jpa-courses

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