53: Faith and Belief, Marathon Training for Triathletes, Dad Jokes, Career Transitions, Partner Coaching

Work, Play, Love

Aug 2019

53 min 22 sec

Belief systems have an enormous impact on work, play, and love. Cultivating a belief in yourself can impact your performance on the field, at work, and in a relationship. Believing in a new training plan can help you get unexpected results on race day. And believing that your career doesn’t leave ample room for training can cause stress when you’re trying to achieve a big goal. Lauren and Jesse answer questions about faith and belief, concerns about training when working towards a marathon and a triathlon, how to find balance with passion career, and taking on a coaching role with a partner. Plus, Lauren’s just back from the USATF championships, which means a week of solo parenting for Jesse. They both share their highest highs and lowest lows from the week apart.

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