Hallway Talks with LGBTQ+ Rights Expert Cyril Ghosh

NYU Wagner Review Podcast Channel

Nov 2020

33 min 26 sec

Professor Cyril Ghosh, author of “De-Moralizing Gay Rights: Some Queer Remarks on LGBTQ+ Rights Politics in the US” and Adjunct Associate Professor at NYU Wagner, examines the role of the Supreme Court in guaranteeing (or not) LGBTQ+ rights in the United States. He explains criticisms on the landmark case "Obergefell v. Hodges" that ruled in favor of same-sex marriage, examines the consequences of “pinkwashing,” and describes what to expect from the Supreme Court after the Trump Administration. Ghosh offers insight on what will probably be the next big LGBQT+ issue to reach the Supreme Court, and describes what can be done to impact these issues.

Podcast Episode