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Diet Detox with Brooke Alpert

By JJ Virgin

In today’s episode, nutrition expert Brooke Alpert shares with JJ how fad diets and cleanses set you up to fail, and why you need to stop yo-yo dieting to lose weight once and for all. Listen as Brooke explains the biggest dieting mistakes women make and the simple rules to follow instead, why artificial sweeteners should never be added to your menu, plus the right types of exercise to help you look and feel your best. If you’re tired of losing weight only to gain it right back, find out how you can take control of your weight and health for good!   Key Takeaways: [:16] Brooke Alpert’s career briefing [1:33] The biggest mistake women make when dieting. [2:53] What is the gut microbiome and how is it connected to your weight and health? [5:45] Artificial sweeteners wreak havoc on your body. [6.28] Why did Brooke decide to write her recent book, The Diet Detox? [9:35] The one thing people should change about their mindset around eating is self-judgment. [10:22] Intentional Indulgence days should be an intentional decision you make. [11:55] Artificial sweeteners confuse your taste buds and send you into fat-storing mode. [14:00] How Brooke incorporates occasional intentional indulgences. [20:05] Brooke’s favorite type of exercise is high-intensity interval training. [21:32] Get Brooke’s free workout package with 10 fast, fun, and effective workouts. [22:28] The one thing Brooke would like to do every day is practice gratitude. [25:50] JJ’s Extra Fiber is the secret to losing weight fast. [26:24] Listener’s Question: I’ve got my diet dialed in, but I’m having trouble fitting in regular exercise with my busy travel schedule. What can I do?    Mentioned in this episode: JJ’s Extra Fiver JJ Virgin at Facebook JJ Virgin at Instagram

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