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Ep 15. Mary Foss: Shaping One of America's Fastest Growing Cities

By Nate Eckman

Ask a city dweller and they’ll tell you that the suburbs are where culture dies. It’s where cookie cutter homes line perfectly trimmed streets; where block party’s serve the same recipes as in the seventies. Boredom is what they might call it. While that may be true in some places, this isn’t the case in Pflugerville, Texas, a northeast suburb of Austin that’s also one of the fastest growing cities in America.   In this episode, I speak with Mary Foss, one of the entrepreneurs making Pflugerville - a suburb of Austin and the 3rd fastest growing city in the USA - such a desirable place to call home. Mary and her husband Josh started West Pecan Coffee + Beer, making it the first coffee/beer cafe in town.   What evolved was more than a business. It became the epicenter for town. A place for bible studies and business meetings; where locals work remotely, and people gather to talk about their new lives they’re starting down the road after moving - most likely - from California.   Mary’s heart is as pure as the Scandinavian aesthetic of the shop. It won’t take you long to hear that. As a local, it brings me great joy knowing that she is among the people actively shaping the future of this town. For those who live far from Austin, I hope you hear her story and realize that entrepreneurship doesn’t mean that work equals life. Because, most interesting to Mary’s story was hearing how she manages all her life, and her one year old business.   More than work-life balance, we talk about bearing the responsibility of building a community and the unique struggles of being a female entrepreneur.   If you like the show please share it with someone you know! And as always, give it a rating on iTunes to help other find it. And if you really like what you’ve heard, make sure to hit “subscribe” on whatever platform you listen to podcasts.   And until next time, stay resilient.

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