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Show 40: Lawrence White - Money, Banking & Bitcoin

By Crypto Voices

Show support appreciated: 35iDYDYqRdN2x6KGcpdV2W1Hy3AjGje9oL Matthew and Fernando interview Dr. Lawrence White, professor of economics at George Mason University and senior fellow at the Cato Institute. This is a continuation of sorts of our very first episode/guest with Dr. George Selgin (who has worked closely with Dr. White over the years, and originally studied under him). Dr. White is an expert in monetary and banking history. He begins with a broad overview of fractional reserve banking, his views according to the modern free banking school, and their differences with 100% reserve Austrian economists. We discuss the development of monies over time, and the various reasons why Bitcoin diverges from this blueprint, such as its prior, non-monetary use cases and fixed supply. We explore why academic experts look askance at Bitcoin. Dr. White gives a primer on the economy and banking reserves through the lenses of a gold standard, fiat standard, and bitcoin standard. We talk a bit about the current global financial system, and the optimistic (yet cautious) role he sees for Bitcoin in it. We conclude with the archetype of "Blockchain Dan" (a path which Fernando and Matthew are arguably on), and reflections from Dr. White on the monetary enthusiasm of undergraduates over the years. Finally, he reveals he is working on a new book comparing gold and bitcoin! Links for more info: Show sponsor: Hosts: Matthew Mežinskis, Fernando Ulrich Music: New Friend Music Site: Podcast & Information Cryptoeconomics & Liberty Thanks for listening! Show content is not investment advice in any way.

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