PPC Management Software For Agencies

By Nicole Mears and Jon Davis

Nicole and Jon have been in the business of PPC Management Software for many years and know all of the in and outs, dos and don'ts associated with choosing the right platform for your PPC agency. Nicole and Jon cover topics like: What is and isn't PPC Management Software The difference between reporting software and management software All management platforms for PPCers The importance of automation  How the world of management platforms for PPC has changed over time "Point Solutions" versus platforms The biggest competition to all PPC management platforms And more... The biggest takeaway from this episode is to go look into PPC Management Softwares because it is not as overwhelming as you might think. Making the change to better manage your ads and budget could really put your team ahead your competition. There really aren't that many companies out there making management software for PPC agencies, but you will need to identify your needs and figure out which platform is best for you and your team.Hanapin Marketing Product LinkReach out to us with any ideas, questions, or feedback on the podcast!✉️ Nicole@shape.io✉️ Jon@shape.io✉️ Max@shape.io

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