#16 Simon Ree - Trader, Author, and Martial Artist on Emotional Control, Creating Abundance, and Designing A Life

Playing The Inner Game

Jan 28

1 hr 32 min

"So few of us actually spend the time to design our lives. We have this vague idea of what our life might look like. But vague and fuzzy plans, yield vague and fuzzy results."Simon spent over 25 years in the private banking and investment banking industry, holding senior positions at Goldman Sachs and Citibank in Australia and Singapore. Through all of this, Simon was also honing his skills as a Jeet Kune Do instructor, the form of Martial Arts coined by one of his biggest early influences, Bruce Lee. Simon became disillusioned with advising UHNW clients, people who frankly didn’t need his help building greater wealth. He wanted to make a bigger contribution and actually help people who needed it. He took all the financial acumen he’d acquired over the years, and fused it with the lessons he’d learned as an expert in the martial arts. Since 2017 he has been an entrepreneur, teaching and consulting ordinary individuals how to trade successfully for themselves and create wealth on their own terms. In July 2020 he released his book 'The Tao Of Trading: How to Build

Abundant Wealth in Any Market Condition'."I've got a 'No High-Fives rule' when it comes to trading. If I start feeling euphoric, then I start cutting positions very quickly. It means I'm in a high risk psychological state. When you feel like you've finally got markets figured out, the market is about to hand you another lesson"This episode is full of universal principles. Anyone who has even the slightest curiosity about making their passion their profession, leaving the rat race, running a side hustle, or just wants some motivation to know that it is possible to live life on your own terms, this episode is right on the money.

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