Doris De Pont

By AM Ralfini

Doris De Pont – Well known in Aotearoa as an influential fashion designer, originally trained as a social anthropologist, which taught her about patterns and models of behavior through different societies and how they express themselves. Fast track a few decades and her unique insights on how she views her surrounds have culminated in an exquisite visual collection of us as Moana people, expressed through fashion and adornment. Too often we envisage dystopia. We’re conditioned to see the negative. De Pont has visualized a version of utopia in 'Moana Currents: Dressing Aotearoa now' and it is beautiful to see. The show was co-curated with fashion journalist Dan Ahwa and is on display at Te Uru Contemporary Gallery, Waitakere until December 1st. We talk in-depth about this exhibition in relation to who we are, now, as people of the Moana. Special Thanks to Doris De Pont and Liquid Studios.

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