Unmet Core Emotional Needs & unresolved issues drives a person to act out

The Sex, Porn & Love Addiction Podcast

Sep 2020

7 min 38 sec

Identify the types of triggers at work and therefore the Feeling-State the person wants to escape? What is the preferred Feeling-State being sought? Know yours. Better understand you. Then you are better prepared for the "fight back", with tried and tested tools - that work - provided by The Kairos Centre.Additionally, people bounce back from tragedy, trauma, crisis, and stress by having certain “protective” conditions in their lives. Do you have the full complement of bounce-back conditions, tools and strengths that holistically equips you to be Resilient? Learn about those Resiliency builders.Presented by The Kairos Centre:

bit.ly/pornaddictionhelpProbably the world's first comprehensive Online webinar Sex, Porn, Love Addiction Recovery Programme, where you discover the real, authentic you; get to like you and positioned to become the best that you can be and on the journey, Recover and gain Sobriety from Sex, Porn, Love Addiction.Bringing colour back to life - without shame.Connect with me on Youtube: Gary McFarlanehttps://www.kairos-centre.com/changement-on-demand/https://mailchi.mp/bb2a7b851246/kairos-centreFacebook: @KairoscounselingTwitter: @GaryMcFarlaneLinkedin: The Kairos Centre - Addiction TherapyWebsite: kairos-centre.combit.ly/pornaddictionhelphttps://www.buzzsprout.com/1117412

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