175. The Ultimate Self-Care Guide w/ Jen Louden

Better Together with Maria Menounos

Nov 2020

1 hr

Find yourself asking the question 'Why bother?' lately? Same here. Now more than ever, people are asking that question, but bestselling author and world-renowned self care expert @JenLouden wants you to go deeper and really ask the question, really think about it. On today's show, she walks us through why it's important for us to bother about what matters, and how asking that question and approaching our life with "self-compassionate grit" can help us manifest the desires we really want. PLUS, as the founder of the modern self-care movement, Jen has CRUCIAL thoughts on the state of self-care. For Jen, self-care isn't something you buy, it's something you CREATE for yourself so you can stay on your own side. I know you have a friend who could use some comfort, a pick me up, or may just need a little love right now. Tag TWO of them below and make sure subscribe to @BetterTogetherw/Maria for more, everyday! #BetterTogether #SelfCare RESOURCES: Jen's Website: https://jenniferlouden.com/ Jen's Socials: @JenLouden A Very Covid Christmas: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/christmas-starts-in-august-podcast-episode-one/id1477764455?i=1000447772348


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