Episode 247: Karen Swyszcz

Mitchell Report Unleashed Podcast

Oct 2020

39 min 43 sec

On the podcast today, I get a chance to sit with my podcasting doppelgänger, Karen Swyszcz a business consultant from Makinthebacon, she has a podcast called The Bacon Bits 'n' Bytes & is a Co-Founder of Kaibigan Connection. We had a chance to speak about all good things when it comes to entrepreneurship, building the creative mind and making things happen. Karen's passion ventured her to land and become a co-author for a best-selling book in women's health on Amazon called Fitness To Freedom. What you can learn on this episode is the element called creation and ownership, especially in this current climate of the new normal. You learn the steps on building a platform for you business from the ground up and turning it into a passion which presents value in a network. Appreciate the time Karen shared make sure you check her wonderful vision she has built. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/rory-mitchell8/support

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